Handbook of Gemmology

Viewing Tips

To take full advantage of the two volume digital edition and to enhance your reading experience, please follow these simple guidelines.

1. Familiarize yourself with the table of contents. We have hyperlinked the page numbers to make it easier to access the various chapters.

2. Use the bookmarks function. These can be colour coded to make it easier to find certain areas and you also have the ability to name the bookmarks. You may also want to consider inserting a bookmark at the start of the table of contents.

3. Post-its and text highlighting are also handy ways to reference key information or areas.

4. Try to use more specific terms in the ‘Search’ function. If you enter ‘Diamond’, the number of references will be very large whereas if you type in CVD diamond, the references will be more defined.

5. You can zoom in on any text or image and you can also increase the magnification by using the separate window that will appear on the top right hand side.

6. The thumbnail images on the left hand toolbar are slightly larger and this will also help you find relevant pages and navigate through the book.

7. Specific pages can be accessed by simply typing in the page number in the appropriate area on the top tool bar.

8. All cross-references are also hyperlinked. If you want to return to the previously viewed page, simply use the back button.