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5th Anniversary Printed Edition - Two Volumes

The stunning 5th Anniversary Printed Edition is now available. Consisting of two volumes (738 pages & 618 pages), it can be purchased for € 279 (euros) plus € 30 shipping (within Europe) or € 50 (Rest of the World). Please see our online store for countries that qualify for the € 30 shipping.

Now Available

The 4th edition of 'The Handbook of Gemmology' is now available as a digital download. Not only have we completely re-designed the layout of the book but we have added 286 pages with scores of new photographs, a new section on gem mining in Africa and Mayanmar new pricing comparisions for all the major gemstones, a whole new approach to identifying gemstones and the option to view the book online! There are now 1342 pages, 1428 colour photographs and 191 diagrams and illustrations!


Since the book was released on April 1st, 2013, it has been shipped to or downloaded in fifty-three countries including Canada, the U.S, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Australia (including Tasmania), New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Ethiopia, Namibia, Madagascar, England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, the Ukraine, Israel, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, New Caledonia and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Where you can buy the book

In addition to our online store, the handbook is also available through the Gemmological Association of Australia, The Canadian Gemmological Association, the Instituto Gemológico Español, George Brown College,, Vancouver Community College (Gemmology Program), Fashion Institute of Technology (New York), Augustana College, Gem Instruments (Gem-A), Sole Leone, and Harlings Jewellers in Vancouver.


While every effort has been made to avoid errors, it is inevitable with a book of this size. Please click here to see corrections that have been brought to our attention. These will be corrected in subsequent printings of the book and the next upload of the digital version.


We want to ensure that the Handbook of Gemmology is the most up to date gemmological reference book available on the market. In order to achieve this goal, the book is regularly updated to reflect the fluidity of our industry. All registered users will be able to purchase future editions at a preferred price. Please ensure that if you purchase the book from a third party seller that you register your copy with us. To register, please email us at: