Handbook of Gemmology
Mallorca GemQuest Conference DVD

Mallorca GemQuest Conference 2015 DVD

Disc One (4.1GB): Welcome PDF, Conference Program PDF, Visual Optics by Alan Hodgkinson, A Day in a Research Laboratory by Dr. Thomas Hainschwang, The Cutter’s Edge – Advanced Gem Cutting Techniques by Dr. Egor Gavrilenko & Victor Tuzlukov, Coloured Gemstone Grading (Part One) by Geoffrey Dominy & Coloured Gemstone Grading (Part Two) by Menahem Sevdermish & Guy Borenstein

Disc Two (3.7GB): Mogok Adventure by James Riley, Pushing the Refractometer by Alan Hodgkinson, How to Change a Diamond’s Colour by Dr. Thomas Hainschwang & Understanding and Photographing Gemstone Inclusions by Dr. Egor Gavrilenko

Disc Three (3.2GB): Stone of Mystery – Lightning Ridge Black Opals by Geoffrey Dominy, Gemmology – Then & Now by James Riley, Round Table Discussion – Valuing & Appraising Coloured Gemstones with Dr. Egor Gavrilenko, Alberto Scarani, Adolfo de Basilio, Victor Tuzlukov & Geoffrey Dominy. Moderated by Marian Jaén & Postcards from Mallorca.


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