Handbook of Gemmology

Download Instructions

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Please Note:

You must download these files onto your computer first and then copy them from your 'Downloads' folder into a folder that you will need to create in either 'Documents' if you are using a Mac or 'My Documents' if you are using a Windows PC. From there you can transfer them onto your other devices using iTunes or iBooks (for iPads or iPhones) or an android content transfer program (for androids and other e-readers).

Downloading using a Mac:

Click on each individual download link (one at a time) and this will copy the files into your downloads folder. Once the files have downloaded, locate each file, right click on it and select 'Copy'. Go to the folder you have created in your documents section, right click on it and select 'Paste'. This will copy the files into the folder. To view the book on your Mac computer, ensure that you have enough disk space and memory. Open the files individually (one for each digital volume) and the books will appear on your computer. This new version uses HTML5 and 'Flipping Book' technology.

To view the books on your iPad, iPhone, android or other e-reader, sync the files using iTunes, iBooks or the android content transfer program that came with your device. If you also own a Windows PC, simply copy the .exe Windows file onto a thumb drive (USB Stick) and then transfer it to your Windows PC.

Downloading using a Windows PC

Please follow the same instructions as above but in this case you will be copying and pasting the .exe (Windows) files that you have downloaded into a folder that you will need to create in 'My Documents' on your Windows PC.

Syncing to your iPad or iPhone

Please click here for full instructions on how to install the book on your iPad or iPhone.

Back-Up Files:

We recommend that you create a back-up once you have downloaded all the files.

Download Problems:

Please remember that this is a two-step process. You must download the files into your 'Downloads' folder first and then copy them into your 'Documents' folder.

If you have any problems downloading all or part of the files, please contact us immediately rsvp@handbookofgemmology.com

We will send you an invitation to download the missing files through ExaVault, which is a file sharing service used specifically for larger files.