World Gem Foundation


Gemmology is a very visual science and certainly from a writing perspective, diagrams, photographs and/or illustrations do help to tell a story especially when you are trying to explain a complex theory or concept.

Geoff would like to particularly acknowledge the following people: Egor Gavrilenko, Peter Grumitt, Danny J. Sanchez, HRD Antwerp, Gemmological Association of Australia and Terry Coldham, Aly Farook, Robert Smith, Dr. Robert Lavinsky, Tom Chatham, Thomas Hainschwang, Evert and Mike Botha, Glenn Lovelady, Richard Hughes, Terry Kruger and De Beers, Bill Larson, Jeffrey Hunt, Peter Torraca, Mikko Åström and Alberto Scarani of GemmoRaman, David Papaux, JadeWest Group, Moira Lawson, Silvio Righini and of course Tino and Jeff for their amazing and captivating photographs.

Tino would like to thank the following people for providing some of the materials over the years that have been used in this book (or in previous or subsequent editions): Sayoko Adachi, Joseph Ambalu, Salvador Assael, Bill Barker, Gordon Bleck, Owen Bordelon, Serge Boro, Leo Boyajian, John Bradshaw, Eric Braunwart, Alan Bronstein, Tom Chatham, Edmond Chin, Andrew Cohen, Francois Curiel, Bill Damron, Michael Dyber, Ralph Esmerian, Aly Farook, Gary Fasano, Russell Feather, David Federman, Pete and Bobbi Flusser, Russell Fogarty, Marc Freeman, Mike Galesi, Egor Gavrilenko, Ishaia Gol, William Goldberg., Jan Goodman, Art Grant, Mike Gray, Buzz Gray, Larry Grey, Alex Grizenko, BJ Hackman, George Harlow, Rex Harris, Harvey Harris, Bill Heher, Susan Hendrickson, Stephen Hofer, David Humphrey, Karim Jan, Gonzalo Jara, Lowell Jones, Robert Kane, Stephen Kotlowski, Samuel Kung, Neil Lane, Bill Larson, John Latendresse, Gina Latendresse, Charlotte Lewis, Fran Mastoloni, Reginald Miller, Al Molina, Mary Murphy, Roland Naftule, Avi Nagar, Lynn Nakamura, Michelle Ong, Guillermo Ortiz, Judith Osmer, David Penney, Jeffrey Post, John and Laura Ramsey, Hussein Rezayee, Ronald Ringsrud, Fred Rowe, Michael Schramm, Vickie Sek, Kevin Lane Smith, Jim Sweeney, Suzanne Tennenbaum, Victor Tuzlukov, Charles Vargas, Laurie and Simon Watt, John White, George Williams, Bear Williams, Ray Zajicek, Benjamin Zucker.

This book is undoubtedly a team effort, and I hope that everyone who contributed to this project will be proud of the finished product.