Handbook of Gemmology
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Handbook of Gemmology 2015 Android Download

Specially designed for androids and other e-readers (excluding Amazon's Kindle), this file format comes in an encrypted PDF format and must be downloaded onto your computer first and then transferred onto your electronic device using an android content transfer program. It can also be viewed on a Windows or Mac computer using Adobe Reader. The password is included in the 'Welcome PDF' that accompanies this download.

The new edition now consists of 1056 pages and includes updated information on magnetism, gemstone inclusions, physical and optical properties, opal mining, and a brand new section entitled GEMFACTS that consists of 167 new pages covering the fifteen most common gem species and varieties including comprehensive information on physical and optical properties, geology, localities, chemical composition, cause of colour, absorption spectra, pleochroism, common inclusions, mining, cutting, gem identification, methods of synthesis, treatments and enhancements, and how to care for them. Photographically speaking, there are now over 1000 photographs, diagrams and illustrations featuring the photography of Tino along with new photographic contributions from renowned mineral and gem photographer Jeff Scovil, stunning inclusion photography from Danny J. Sanchez and Robert Smith who painstakingly photographs opals under different lighting conditions to produce the most unique and wonderful videos.

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